Gift from our exchange student-updated with letters

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Gift from our exchange student-updated with letters

This was the gift our exchange student gave to us when she left. She is from Thailand. She came last August and left on June 30th. She is a great addition to our family.

Letter to Karl
Dear Karl
Hi my little brother! How are you? I'm not really sur you can remember me while you're reading this letter or not... the girl who used to live in your house, and play with you when you were a baby.

You know what!? You are a very cute baby boy I've ever met and you always made me smile too!

I really hope that we'll meet again and I wish you meet all the great thing in your life, study hard, and love your family then your dream is not too far!
Your sister

Letter to the family
Dear Mom, Dad, and Karl
This year was such an amazing year of my life. I can't believe how much my life changed and I don't think I can find any chance that will make me growing up a lot like this at all. You know how I've changed since the first minute I stepped in USA, my English skills, learning new culture, knowing new language, more confidence, being myself and also the big changing of my weight...[not that bad] Anyway I'm so impressed and grateful for you love and kindness you have given for me all the time. I will never forget that. And if someday you come to visit me, let me know, I and my mom will be more than happy to welcome and take you to travel around our country. You know what, since I have stayed with you, I feel like I got a complete family again because I have mom, dad, brother and pets [her dad died when she was 11 and she is an only child]. This is unforgetable! I'm so glad. Thank you so much for opening your house for me. I'm sure that I will meet all of you again. Actually, I learned something about when it's a time when we have to wave hands to each other with tears I'm not going to say that word, instead I'd like to say "Until we meet again"

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Wow! How thoughtful of her!!

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that was really sweet. What a nice gift to leave.

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wow that is awesome!!!

I can only imagine all the stuff she will have to scrapbook for herself from her time in America.

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Oh how sweet!!!

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that's so adorable. Seems like a great girl. I love the pic of you all in your jerseys!:D

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That actually made me cry thinking of her doing all that for your guys. You must have meant so much to her. What a wonderful gift! And such a sweet, pretty girl!

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that's so neat!!! I bet you'll always treasure that. Smile

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"mommy2007" wrote:

wow that is awesome!!!

I can only imagine all the stuff she will have to scrapbook for herself from her time in America.

We gave her an 8 1/2 by 11 album and as many pages as would fit. I hope it's enough. It was amazing how quickly she (and her friends) picked up on scrapbooking.

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Shannon I love it....what a fun thing to have from her time. Can I ask what the letter to Karl says?

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It looks lovely. I too am curious as to what her letter to Karl says!

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That is super sweet. I am sure you will treasure it forever.

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That is so sweet! What a keepsake.

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That is just delightful and sweet!

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wow, what sweet letters!

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What a great gift!