This Girl Hates Grass layout

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This Girl Hates Grass layout

I did this instead of going to bed last night lol. Love how it turned out!

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This LO is one of my favs of yours. I love all the colored circles. I just love your style too. So whymsical! I can't quite make out the journaling but her faces say it all!

BTW- what's the chances you could do some scrapping work for let's say baby announcements???? I want to make announcements myself for my family and close friends. But I have a lot of contacts and families from school, so an announcement that could be printed in a larger quantity would be great to have too. Do you offer your services for a tiny fee? I have no idea how that works on the digital side or what program/printing I would use. Up to PMing me Trina?

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that is funny! i love the white background and the bright colors! cool title!

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That turned out so cute!! And what a silly girl! Smile

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I love it! The alpha you used for the title is perfect. And I love the arrow and the stitched frames around the title.

That's a really silly moment to capture and I LOVE IT! Blum 3

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So cute!! Love how the journaling goes along the corner.

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Awww...what a cute thing to scrap Trina. I agree, it's so perfect, the design and the theme. Very good!

Kaitlyn reminds me more of my daughter than any other on They look a lot alike, maybe it's just the hair style. Smile

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i love everything about it! especially her face!! lol

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I really love this one! The stitched squares and the cirlces together are great!

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this is great!!! I love that you scrapped this, she's going to know all about this time in her life with the documenting you do. Wink and I totally dig how you put the journaling on the page like that.

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Lol Perfect as always. LOVE IT!