Glitter and bling!

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Glitter and bling!

(only glitter and bling on the second one)

Here are two new ones. One I did last weekend and the other I finished tonight. The first is a LO of when my second niece was born and the second LO is from a day of playing outside in the backyard with DS. Both are from mid June 2010. thanks for looking Smile


Summer time:

eta: it is hard to see the the picture next to the words "living is" but that is my dog running through the sprinkler. I think he liked it more than DS Lol

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Cute, cute, cute Lauren! Love the font on that second one. TFS

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I love the apples in the first lo and the 2nd one is my fave! I love your title and the dot on the i !!!!!

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these look great! i love the pattern paper on the 2nd one!

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Those are cute! I especially like the second one, it is just plain fun Smile

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thanks ladies!

the first one was a quickie...and Tia, I added those apple chipboard stickers as an afterthought. looking back, it was soooooo plain without them.

the pp on the second was actually from target's $1 section...last summer i think. I was cruising around some blogs yesterday, and got inspired by a LO with a circle and rectangle in the background.

katie (kel-02) gave me the idea to print out small pics from those LOs she posted a few weeks ago. I got 8.5x11 photo paper and printed them at home (put the pics in a Word document and shrunk them down)

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I love the second LO. I'm going to use that as inspo for a layout at somepoint this summer Smile

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They are both great. That first one is so sweet. I love the title and the different fonts of the first one. The glitter works so well for a summer LO.

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Both look great, but now I'm going to have to steal the circle/rectangle idea this weekend!! I think I have some of that glittery paper, too. Nice job!

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the first is adorable! love the photos of Nathan and his little baby cousin. Smile and I simply love the second one! great bling, and the title looks fantastic!