Glossy or Matte?

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Glossy or Matte?

What finish do you like on your scrapbooking photos? Just curious. Smile

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Glossy because its cheaper to get the printed as glossy lol. When I print from home I use matte though because my printer is nuts and eats glossy paper up and prints on matte just fine.

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I prefer matte, but always get glossy because of the price.

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both are the same price at our walmart but on the instant developing machines I use it only has glossy...and I usually use those cuz I hate waiting an hour. Patience hey? LOL

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LOVE matte finish. Thats what I usually do because I upload my pictures to and then go into the store to pick them up later and thats the only option they have available for 1 hour pickup. Although i should start ordering from cheaper places, walmart is kinda pricey when you have 100 prints you need done.

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I prefer the matte finish. I have ordered from Walmart, Winkflash, Walgreens, Sam's Club, and CVS and I've never noticed that it was more expensive for matte.

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Always matte!

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I used and can pick them up at Wolf camera and they are the same price, guaranteed anything under 100 photos in one hour.
I've used glossy but I switched over to matte and I love it.

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Always Matte here too - I get them from Costco, never noticed a difference in price either.

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Thanks ladies. I ordered the latest patch glossy cause it was cheaper, but the next huge order I do will probably be matte.