Glossy or Matte??

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Glossy or Matte??

I am about to order my first pages, what do you all prefer? I was assuming glossy, but now I am not sure......

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I like matte because fingerprints tend to not show up unlike glossy.

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I prefer Matte. IMO a matte finish looks more professional.

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I like Matte too.

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Matte here too. the elements look more "real" in matte, and fingerprints don't show up as much. Wink

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I'm with the others, matte is better for scrpabooking pages - besides the things already mentioned, the glossy has a lot of a reflection to make it hard to see some elements, etc sometimes.

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Matte definately. On Costco it is called lustre I believe.

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Thanks for all the advice! I ordered a few pages, hoping that they turn out just as I am expecting so that I can order more!