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Did anyone set any scrapbook ( or other crafty) goals?

I scrapped 25 layouts last year ( sad sad sad). My goals for this year were 52 cards, 52 layouts ( and unrelated, but 30 books read).

I wanted to scrap at least 1 layout a week and make 1 card a week. So far I am at 7/52 layouts and 4/52 cards.

I hope to keep it up, but its obviously tricky with 3 kids. lol

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my goal is to get my scrap stuff out of the closet...baby steps right? lol

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My goal is to do project 365 and put it all together in my Project Life Album. So far I think I have taken a picture everyday, and I got started putting in monthly cards in my Album, but I haven't printed any pictures yet.

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my goal is 52 LOs for the year (have only done one so far so I won't make it a "per week" goal lol)

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I hope to be able to finish Joshuas 1st year scrapbook and finish stephens 1st year book along with their second year scrapbooks... And hopefully get some of the girls books done as well.. but seeing as how I will only get an hour or two a week for sure I am just hoping to get some pages done.. I did buy a pack of girly paper to get me started on the girls first couple pages.. but without pictures I might just hold off on that for a bit Smile

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

my goal is to get my scrap stuff out of the closet...baby steps right? lol

Ha! That's kind of what I was thinking! I don't think I've scrapped in probably eight months, maybe even more! I have got to make more time for it!

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My goal is to finish the last 2-3 layouts from 2009, get my Project Life book from 2010 done (with my 365 photos), and just start creating layouts again. But I don't know where to find the time.

One of my projects for this year is to build a new craft desk in my crafting area. I think one of the reasons I struggle is that I don't have a great system to jump in and out of layouts - my desk and table aren't great work areas. But I have a plan, and I bought a tool to help me. Just need a circular saw, the wood, and the time. Smile

Here's my blog with my 52 Projects, that's where I've been focusing my crafty time - http://flashbulbspurpleirises.wordpress.com/category/crafts-such/52-projects/ Hope to get my weekly post written today. Smile

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i wouldn't even have a clue about how to make a desk! Wow you are talented. I have a nice one that is perfect for my needs because my DH does know how lol. I can't wait to see what you make!