Gobble Gobble LO

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Gobble Gobble LO

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That's GREAT! Love the font!

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oh CUTE! I LOVE his hat!

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awwww!! That is tooo cute!!!

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REALLY cute LO! The font and the turkey are both adorable.

I love Xyander's hat. The pictures are uber cuteness. Smile

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Great LO and love that hat! TFS

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Love the turkey embellishment!

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how seriously darling!!! I love the pic of you and him and he's just so cute. You know what? Everytime I see a pic of him, he reminds me a bit of my brother. Smile

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Very cute. Really i love the turkey that is on there.

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that is so super cute. that turkey is awesome.

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Very cute LO!! That hat is too stinking cute!

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Awww very cute. The picture of the two of you is great. I love his hat!
The layout is great. Nice use of circles and that alpha is great.

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Too cute! I love the turkey!

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How cute! I love the turkey!

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Oh my, that is C.U.T.E.!!! That turkey adds the perfect touch! Biggrin

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that's the coolest hat!! Wink

and the page rocks too, love the turkey. Smile