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Going digital

I've heard of digital scrapbooking and keep seeing all of your cute LO's from this site but how do you even begin?? Do you buy a program? Do you get a free one online? Do you have to buy individual layouts? Do you create your own? How do you orders your completed LO's? Through a regular photo site?

Sorry for a million questions. I don't know anyone who scraps with digital but some of the LO's I keep seeing are SO CUTE!

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I bought a cheap program to get started - about $20-$30. If you have photo-editing software, that often works to. You don't have to buy individual layouts, some programs come with some, but I get most of my stuff free online (check out the sticky for lots of freebie sites). I make most of my pages, although there are plenty of templates out there where you can just drop in the photo as well. I order my prints through costco. I just bought a single print the other day and with shipping it was only about $3! It would have been much less per print if I'd ordered a few more. I actually have most of mine printed in book format though (www.shutterfly.com).

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I can't offer much help on the programs, I've only heard of 2, lol. But I do know that Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo has a free trial so you can at least check it out. I get all my items through freebies also, I spend enough money on the paper scrapbooking, lol. Although DH now says we need an external hard drive for all my digital stuff. And I don't get any layouts, I do mine on my own. It took me about a week to figure out how to start using the Corel progra,....I've had it since Nov and I still don't know how to do everything, lol.

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you can check out www.scrapbookmax.com I love the program!!!