going MIA this weekend

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going MIA this weekend

I probably won't be on too much after today. Dh is coming home after 5 weeks on the road. Tomorrow I have off from work, so we are giving blood, going for lunch and massages! There is a big crop this weekend with my CM friends, so I'm hoping to get tons done! It's Friday 6 to 10 and Saturday 9 to 6. Saturday is also my birthday, so I may leave early so we can go for dinner at the birthday bar:)

I'll be back next week with loads of pictures.

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Wow! You have an exciting weekend planned! Enjoy.

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Sounds like tons of fun! I hope you have an amazing time! Can't wait to see what you get done! Biggrin

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Happy Birthday if you are ot here on Saturday! Have a wonderful time, the whole things sounds great.

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Happy Early Birthday!!! What a fun weekend! The massage sounds heavenly! Have a great time.

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busy times for you!!

Happy birthday! And HAVE FUN at the crop!!!! oh, and I'm jealous of the massage, enjoy!! (not jealous of the giving blood - I have never been successful doing it, and was even "blacklisted" for a while as I passed out and went into convulsions - yikes!)

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Woah thats a bunch of fun stuff! Have a really good time! Happy birthday!!