Going to be scarce..False ALARM!

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Going to be scarce..False ALARM!

Well friends... I have to turn in my laptop to have it fixed through Best Buy as my warrenty runs out the end of this month so I won't be around much over the next few weeks. Sigh.... I will try and check in when I can. Hugs to you all!!!

(For those who I am doing BL with I will be on daily to check in, so not to worry!!)


WOO HOO! They were able to take care of my laptop tonight right on site! YAY!!! So I won't be with it!!! YAY!!!

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Sad Ah bummer!!! We'll miss you! Hopefully the fix won't take long.

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glad to hear that they could fix it on site. laptops can be very hard to do without.

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Glad you didn't have to send it out!

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Yay...that's great!!

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Yay that they were able to fix it right away! Smile

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yay!!!!!!!!! how great you won't be leaving!