Going to Tysons MRI today OT (we made up) update at bottom
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Thread: Going to Tysons MRI today OT (we made up) update at bottom

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    Default Going to Tysons MRI today OT (we made up) update at bottom

    Hey gals just trying to pass time and calm my nerves. My little guy has his mri today. I really hope they can figure out why he is having these seizures but at the same time I don't want them to find anything bad. They have to put him to sleep which stinks cause that means he can't eat all day. I would normally not eat with him but I am nursing damien so now I am trying to figure out what to do. I for sure won't eat in frount of him if I do eat at all. I feel so bad. He said I hate the DR, he wants to starve me. He's only 4 so I tried my best to explain to him why he can't eat. He can have popsicles though which we have but he wanted the cool spiderman ones so he went with grandma to the store to get them. I hope that cheers him up. To make things worse last night was trick or treat so he also can't have any candy. Well sorry this is so long just worried a little.

    Thanks girls for all of your support. Tyson did okay but we have to wait till Wed for results so crossing my fingers. He was so happy when we were done that he could eat. We told him he could go anywhere he wanted and he picked McDonalds. He ordered 3 different things and an icecream cone so he was happy to say the least.

    Now the bad part, (not about Tyson) so we were there at the MRI and only me or dh could go in cause I had to bring Damien. Well, Damien screams with anyone but me so DH had to go with Tyson I got to be with for everything up until the point where he went into the mri room. Besides, dh sais he is going to be with Tyson no matter what. So I had to leave Tyson and wait in the waiting room. I was sitting there almost in tears cause I could not be there for my baby when dh walks in. I say right away whats the matter! He sais nothing Tyson is sleeping and he sits down. I am nursing Damien at the time(we had a private room) so I say who cares if he is sleeping go be with him! He finally sais " if you really want to know it was too hard for me to see him like that. I was so upset. Even if it was hard what if Tyson would have woken up. There I was knowing I could not leave damien cause he would scream and Tyson was in the mri alone. Ugh I could still cry just thinking about it. For those of you who never had an MRI for a child they do put you to sleep but then they have to strap you down. I don't know what do you all think would you have been mad or am I over reacting? I guess I just feel bad cause I should have been in there. Oh well I just hope everything goes well. Thanks for reading Tia
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    Please KUP! I'll send up a prayer. Poor baby.
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    I'm so sorry. I hope the MRI helps them figure this out. He has had multiple seizures? That is sad and I'm sure very tough on all of you.

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    Tia. I feel so bad for you guys. Please KUP and I will pray that you get some answers.
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    let us know how it goes. I know how hard it is. Jordan had to have two MRIs when she was 2. I was pregnant and couldn't even go in with her. anyhow, I'm thinking of you, hope they can figure out the seizures.
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    Tia, I'm so sorry you guys are going through this. I had to do the same thing when I was nine to find out if I had epilepsy so I definitely can feel for tyson. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I'm sorry Tialee! Sending a prayer your way that everything goes well.
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    our thoughts and prayers are with you tialee. Hope they can give you more information from the results of this test but also hoping that it is nothing bad. So sorry your lo thinks the dr hates him. i guess it's just a 4 year old's way of making sense of all this.
    hopefully the spiderman popsicles will cheer him up.

    please kup

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    KUP with the results, it would be really scary as a mommy (and kid!) going thru that!
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    Just think, it's overwith! I hope you get some answers. Poor Tyson to not be able to eat and think the doctor hates him. But I'm sure McDonald's, ice cream, and halloween candy made up for it and he won't even remember it. kup!


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