Gone for a couple weeks (XP)

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Gone for a couple weeks (XP)

Just wanted to let you know I'm gone on holidays for a couple weeks! We aren't leaving til Monday, but we have soooooo much to do tomorrow, I doubt I'll be able to get on the computer. We're driving down to the Seattle area (stopping for the night every 4 hours lol - cranky 17 month old!), then working our way home and staying in BC for a few nights. I'll be back the first weekend in August sometime.

Scrap lots while I'm gone! I might get a chance to check in, but not sure so I thought I'd post in case anyone was wondering where I went!

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Have a great time!!!! I hope everything goes smoothly!

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oh, have fun! can't wait to hear all about it. and I hope Kaitlyn isn't cranky!

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Have a great time!!

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We'll miss you, but have a GREAT time!!

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Take lots of pics to scrap later, have fun, and I hope all goes smoothly.

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Have a blast!!! Be safe and take LOTS of pics!