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Good/Bad news

Good news is DH surprised me yesterday when I went to the mailbox. He won Create a Critter on Ebay!!! Yahoo

Bad news: carpal tunnel surgery on right hand this Friday so it may be a while before I can use it. I told DH I may try to scrap with one hand and he said he's going to lock my scrap room door. I did take the book out last night and its such a cute cart!!!

The plan is do surgery on right hand this week and then my left as soon as school gets out (that's my writing hand). Say a prayer Friday if you think about it. I'm not really nervous about surgery but we are taking test on Monday and Tuesday. My Dr. says I should be able to work even though I can't use that hand. I sure hope he's right!

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prayers that God would work through the surgery and that you would recover quickly!

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Congrats on the gift!

Sorry about the surgery Sad If it makes you feel better, I had wrist surgery in college and cambe back and took a test only a couple days later.

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What an awesome gift! I want that cart so bad!

Bummer about the surgeries. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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I'm sure that you'll recover quickly ... but my fingers will be crossed just the same. Prayers said too. Smile

And sweet on the cart!

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Congrats on getting that cart. It is soooo cute!
Sorry to hear you are having surgery. You could always have DH do all the hands on work for scrapbooking. Wink You just tell him what to do. I think my DH would do it for me, if I begged. Wink I will be thinking about you on Friday.

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Congrats on the cart. That's so awesome! Your DH knows how to pick em eh? LOL I too will add you to my prayers.

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Sorry about the surgery. I'll say a prayer. KUP okay?
YAY for a new cart though! What a great DH! Biggrin

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My father has gone through carpel tunnel surgery 3 times now. (Twice on one hand, once on the other.) I'm sorry that you have to go through it too. I pray it brings you relief and quick.

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I pray that the surgery goes smoothly and that you heal quickly.

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WOW! That was awesome of DH! I love that cart!!! Smile There is so much you can do with it! I will keep you in my T&P on Fri!

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First, your dh is the best. Do you know that!?

I hope everything goes smoothly w/your surgery and you're feeling 100% soon!

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I just prayed that your surgery will go well. And pain-free!

YAY for your DH again! Create a Critter is sooo cute! I really want that one.

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I will definitely say a prayer for your surgery. I hope everything goes smoothly.

How sweet of your DH to get you that cart!