goodies from Archivers and the rummage

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goodies from Archivers and the rummage

Hey everyone well we made it to Chicago and back. Jazz shot a big poster for the American Girl store!!!! I was able to stop at Archivers before the shoot and this is what I got. I thought it would add up to around 50.00 or so but when I went to the register it was only 30.00! I wanted to shop more but I did not have time. Oh I also got Jazz a mini album and a zig pen. Here is what I got...






The mini album with the rain drops is new I get one everytime I go there. I am going to make my mom a album that says to cheer you up on a rainy day.


Now the rummage sale stuff, well you all know I love a bargain but when I bought Damien's bedding I splurged. The company lost my crib while shipping it so they refunded me the money -long story, but then the next day the crib was shipped to my house so since I got a 300.00 crib for free I bought the wendy bellissimo bedding. Thing is the bedding was 300.00 so after that I could not afford the $60.00 mobile. I always looked on ebay but the starlight collection was discontinued so any one who had the mobile wanted like 100.00:eek: well at the rummage there it was hanging up in someone's garage. I thought why even ask I am sure it is so much money. WEll I asked and the lady said 3.00! Are you kidding me! I was like okay!!!! Now I have the set!



got this pic for the dining room it is as long as my 55 gallon fish tank and I got it for 1.00!

little stuff for the bathroom

And saving the best for last Damien turned 1 yesterday!!!! I cried lol my baby is growing up. HIs party is on the 20th but he opened some gifts yesterday and loved this one!


Photobucket TFL

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wow love all the stuff u got from Archivers..... love those papers!!! Can't wait to see what u do with them.

Also love the rummage sale finds. great deals. Especially the mobile for Damien's crib.

And finally wow he's 1!!! Where has the time gone? He's so big....and walking???

Looks like u had a good couple of days there.

Oh also i added u as a friend on simply scrapping in case ur wondering who brittany is and why u have a friend request from her lol

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WOW! What a great trip! Much better then the last! LOL!!

Happy birthday Damien!!

Love the stuff you got at the rummage too! I had no idea you had fish too! What kind of fish do you have in your tank??? I have a 55 too!! I LOVE IT!

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i told you that toy would be a hit!! theres something about watching the balls go around and around.. lol

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lots of great stuff! I LOVE that transparency clock! that is so cool you found the mobile...for $3! happy *late* birthday to damien!

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you are an awesome shopper, I bow down before you! Smile

and Happy Birthday Damien!!!!! I can't believe he's 1, I remember when he was born. Time is flying, that's for sure.

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Brittney thats cool I will have to go on there. I check in there once a week or so to get idea's for pages Smile I will add you also Smile

Jess, we have phrinnas I lost the coin toss so dh picked the fish.

Ashley, you were so right he just loves it. It was 70.00 and I got it on sale for 52.00!!! I love deals!

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Wow, you got so much stuff.

The scrapping stuff is great, you got some really cool stuff, I love the clock. Like your idea for the rainy day album too.

You got so lucky with the rest of the stuff too, what luck with the mobile!

Congrats Damien on turning one!!!!

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That's awesome - I think my favorite is the clock. I can't believe you got all that for $30!

And happy birthday to Damien! I have to ask though - is he walking?? The pic looks like he is. Kaitlyn STILL isnt' walking (16 months old!)

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Walking already??? Wow!!! What great deals you got. I am so ready to start going to garage soon as we get moved into our new home, there's so much to be done. Smile

Happy birthday to your little man Tia.

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Wow girl, you got some TERRIFIC stuff!

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Damien started walking last month but only a few steps here and there but now he will take about 12 steps and then fall and get up to do it again. I have to do my walking lo Smile Can you believe I cried 4 times yesterday! I am starting to think I might need to get a pregnancy test. I was just so sad over him turning one so fast.

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First off, Happy Birthday Damien!

You got some really cute stuff girl! I got some of that blue birdy paper, too cute.

Charys is going to flip when she sees the chandelier paper!!!!

I'm glad to hear that this trip went a little better and less eventful than the last one! Smile

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I got the same paper with the horizontal strips of birds last time I went. Very cute stuff you got and you didn't even spend that much. Like Gwen said, you are an awesome shopper! Happy birthday to your little man.

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Holy Cats, what a haul! My goodness girl I hope I get to shop with you one day!