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Ladies, you have been busy! We had an "ice storm" starting Monday evening. Our power went out at 7 am Tuesday morning. It didn't come back on until Wednesday afternoon. I had to stay with my parents. We didn't have school Tues or Wed, so it would have been perfect for me to scrap, but no electricity! :confused: But you ladies, man you are all on a roll! WTG! I am at work now, so I can't see any photos, but I will try to look when we get our computer back. We took it to someone to "fix" it and put more ram in it! Maybe then I can get on more often! Biggrin

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ugh what a nightmare to have no electricity! Glad you're safe and sound! :bigarmhug:

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Crazy week for you! Can't wait for you to get your computer back Smile

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That's crazy! Hope you can scrap soon!! Smile

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A day and a half, I would have been crazzzzyyyy! LOL

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Ugh on the power outage. Sad No fun!

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I can;'t imagine going more than two hours without power. I hope you get some scrapping done soon.

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Glad to hear all is well now Sadie!

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I am super glad we haven't had any ice storms this winter so far. Last winter we did and we only went without power for half a day...and that was more than enough for me! I am glad you are back home. Hopefully your computer will be much faster when you get it back! Faster makes all the difference when you are doing stuff with pictures online! I know...that is why I am just now getting back into things!