Got a D-ring scrapbook

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Got a D-ring scrapbook

And wow, what a difference. I just slide the pages in and it appears to be able to hold TONS of pages. LOVE it already! Michaels by me only had two of them, a black and a red, so they aren't cute like my other books, but waaaaaay more practical. And they were only 19.99, and with a coupon, so affordable too. Thanks for the info about them, I am a convert now. Smile

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thats great! im waiting for a 50% off coupon to get one from acmoore. i left my coupon at home yesterday and it expired then! Sad

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I am definitely going to try these. The post ones just annoy me:)

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i love them. would never go back

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"Mommy2007" wrote:

i love them. would never go back


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I love d-ring scrapbooks!! Glad you tried them too!