Got Scraps????

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Got Scraps????

Got Scraps? Don't we all. Just an idea how to org. your scaps so we use them up rather than a new sheet of cardstock.

Sit in a large area and sort by color adding each piece to the right color family. If you have a piece with 2 or more colors you could do a misc. pile or add it in whatever color you would most likley use it with.
TIP- i sometimes trim my scraps so they are not too messy.
Then get a file folder and add some paper to the label that matches the color for that section.
Now next time you are scrapping and need a piece of scrap paper it will be much easier.



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What a coooool idea! Thanks! I love how organized you are.

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awesome Smile that is a good idea! i am so anxious to organize but have no space to put everything in yet. Blum 3

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Fab idea Tia!! Thanks!

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that's a great idea. I have mine organized by color, but stacked in a drawer. it's a pain at times, but it's the only place I have to really store the scraps. it's MUCH easier to find scraps now that they're sorted (did it a few months ago) and I do try to use my scraps before cutting into a whole piece of paper.

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great idea!

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HAHA, that's exactly how I've organized my scraps!! I didn't label my tabs, but I put the colors in rainbow order. I do put my neutrals together (black, white, brown, tan), patterned in one and textured in one. Thanks for sharing, this is a great thread!

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good idea. i cut mine into 6x6 squares. if it's not 6x6...goodbye! (garbage)