Got some new stuff coming this week!

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Got some new stuff coming this week!

I ordered two of those cropper hoppers so I will be able to get my papers out of my accordion and into them. Together they will hold 800 sheets. I'm so excited about this cause it will look much nicer than my accordion that is falling apart and then I can also see my pages easier. I also won a set of rubber stamps off ebay! Yay!! I still haven't received my two cricut carts, but I did talk to them and they said it was being processed. So hopefully soon! Just wanted to share my enthusiasm.

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wow! lots of new goodies coming your way!
love your new siggy! Biggrin

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I can't get Griffin to get smaller...his pic is soo big!! I resized it!! UGH!!

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Congrats on your goodies! I bet your just trying to be OCD like me? Wink Gotta love an organizer!!! Your siggy pic is really cute, wish I was there.

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I need to get my butt into Joanns to see if they have them there. If they don't, I'll order them. 800 pages? Is that only two of them?

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I love your siggy too Carrie! Was just going to start a thread about it. And your avatar! All of them are small to me.

YAY for getting new things in! Hopefully your cartridges arive soon too.

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YAY! Can't wait to see what you do when you get your new carts!

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Erin, each one holds 400 I got two. Wink

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Ooo! Cool stuff! I wanna see pics of the holder when you get it. Maybe I need one Wink

I love your new pics too. The kids are too cute on the rocks!

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Yay, that's awesome!!!