Got tons done while I was gone (lots of LOs)

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Got tons done while I was gone (lots of LOs)

Totally did not include all the layouts that I did while I was at my in-laws, but here are a few. Total, I made about 20 pages!
Oh, and I got my new computer set up today. I'm so excited to be moving faster now.

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What cute LOs! I paper scrap but I wish I could get that many done Smile

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Wow! Yay for getting lots done! Hope you're enjoying your new computer, too.

I downloaded that ladybug kit and it's so darn cute! I LOVE the LOs that you did of Andrea's pro pictures. They're awesome!

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Great work Stephanie. Love that last one the most I think, but they are all very good. You really did get lots done..what a good feeling eh? And congrats on a faster computer. That's awesome!!

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Wow! All of them look great! I love love LOVE how you layered the pictures of Andrea and her Auntie.

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those are wonderful! Great work! I wish I could pick a fave....I'm torn beween the Flinstone one and Aunt one. They are all awesome Biggrin

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Wow Stephanie! 20 layouts? That's great! And yay for getting a new fast PC!

I love them. Especially the professional pics page and the Flinstones pages. You made those costumes? Soooo cute!

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very cute LO's! TFS

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Those are super cute! Just love the lady bug kit... I have used that one too!

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Sweet! What a working spree!

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Wow, 20 pages? That's a ton - good for you! I love all of them, but my faves are the Flinstones, Pebbles & Bam-bam, and the 2 year ones!

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I LOVE them! Im so jealous that you have so many pages done! I really love the first portrait LO with all that pink its just too cute! The halloween costumes are awesome btw!

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Wow you've been busy

Great Pages!

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Wow! That's a lot of pages. You did a great job, I can't pick a favorite b/c I really love them all. You guys are adorable dressed as the Flinstones!

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Those are really cute. Seeing pages like this makes me wish i had the stuff to do some of the digital scrapbooking.

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That last one is soo precious! I like all of them! You always do so much, and it all looks so good!

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those are great - Andrea's a real cutie! I love her 2 year portraits. you've been so busy!!!! you really get into a groove, don't you?

question though - isn't it Flintstones not Flinstones? Just thought I'd ask before you got it printed ...

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And I wanna see the rest of the 20. Wink

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