Gotta Wear Shades Layout

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Gotta Wear Shades Layout

I did this for a challenge at DSP to get a free kit by using this kit. Found the perfect picture for it!

Journalling: Kaitlyn wearing her first pair of sunglasses, 10 weeks old.
The dog ate them shortly after this picture was taken.

Credits (clickable):
Shine on! Page kit - Tina Chambers
Wordart - Elegant Wordart by Bethany Harty (freebie)
Font - CK Neat Print

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that is great! I love the picture. She looked so cute in her shades.

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What a cute LO! I really like the tree and the sun! Makes the quote and picture match perfectly.

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That is so cute!

Did you say the dog ate her sunglasses:eek:

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CUTE! I love that page kit!

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Very cute!

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Love the quote! Nice job!

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CUTE! I like that tree!
Good thing you got a picture when you did!!!

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Thats so cute, I love the colors!!! lol about the dog, my sister's rugrats of dogs eat everything.

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great page. That tree is so cool. nice work.

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What a cute LO!

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ROFL at the comment on the bottom! That made my day! She is precious in the glasses and the LO makes it perfect! TFS!

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that layout is awesome!! Made me laugh - too cute!

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oh, very cute! and I love that song. Smile

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Soooo cute!! I love the title and the journaling. Nice job!

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That's hilarious! Funny about the dog eating them right after. Lol

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