Graduation Card Inspiration Needed

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Graduation Card Inspiration Needed

Has anyone got any pictures of graduation cards they've made? I'm looking for something different from the same 'ole design I usually do.

I get a chance to scrapbook from 9am-3pm in the town where my children go to school on Friday. "Grandma Gloria" and I (and Josiah) will drop the kids off at school, go out to breakfast and then scrap away. We get to use the work area at the scrapbook store for FREE. (This isn't the store that's closing that I've talked about before.)

I'm bringing Josiah's swing and he's going to swing the day away. When the kids are done with school, we'll come home.

So excited. I have 2 graduation cards, 3 baptism cards, 4 birthday cards, 2 Mother's Day cards, 1 Father's Day card and 2 get well cards I can work on. Yay creative time.

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Sorry, I dont have any design ideas, but it sounds like a super fun day!!! Hope you get lots done!

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I dont have any ideas, but here is a link to a search I did on google images

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That sounds like super fun Michelle! No ideas, but enjoy yourself and don't forget to share. Smile

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Sorry Michelle..I saw this too late. Did you get any made?