Great Free digi-kit

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Great Free digi-kit

Free digi-kit from After 5 Designs- it's a 'mega' kit.

Go here to get the coupon code and see the preview:

Part 2 is available after the 20th (coupon code will be in the same place)

I just downloaded it and it has a lot of great elements in it!

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Hmm... I can't get it to confirm me order. Looks like there is something wrong iwth thier system as I am getting an odd error message. I'll try again later, as it looks great! TFS!

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Thanks! Downloading it now! Smile

I've snagged a few nice freebies from their site.

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Jess, I had the same problem. Tried 3 times this afternoon with no luck, but just downloaded it (and their other freebie) with no problem.

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wow thats pretty awesome... must check that out when i get home!

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I am having the same error problem...i will just check back later Smile