Great Wolf Lodge - fixed journaling

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Great Wolf Lodge - fixed journaling

This was my layout for the Travel challenge ... but I wanted to share it better here. It's a two page layout, I only posted the double page in the challenge thread. I had a TON of pictures, and feel like this layout is overcrowded. There were pictures I didn't use that I had wanted to use (in addition to the others I took that didn't make the cut). It's not worth doing another page, so I wanted to know if it's too crowded like it is. I mean, I don't think I'll go back and edit, but would like thoughts on it anyway. Wink

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I like it Gwen. I really like how you put a lot of pics. Some pages have to call for a lot of pics. I like how you did the paw prints around the pic! Oh, were you finished with the journaling? Am I missing something?

PS...I want to go there. It looks like a lot of fun!

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Hi - I'm new here (1st time posting)

But I really like your pages. I wish I was that creative (I'm trying, but with no success)

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Other than the journaling seeming not finished? I really love the pages. The pic of you baby-wearing in a swim suit is the best! For a minute I was going to have to yell at you, because I thought you went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Ft. were going to get in trouble for not calling me! Wink Your title is my favorite part.

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ack! the journaling is finished, must have gotten clipped when I saved it. the clipped part says "fun time! Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2008"

Sadie - there are 12 locations throughout the country, you should find one and go sometime. it really is a lot of fun, my kids still mention it at least once a week. in fact just yesterday they were playing "go to Great Wolf Lodge".

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I think vacation lo's should have tons of photos so for me it is perfect Smile I also LOVE the title! Great job

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I love it! I don't think it's crowded at all, it really tells a story! I love the star-shaped photo too, that's probably my favorite!

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I like it. There are a lot of photos, but I think that is perfect for showing all the fun you had.

BTW, we have a brand new Great Wolf Lodge here where I live.

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