Grossness (Bug alert and OT)

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Grossness (Bug alert and OT)

If there is one thing I HATE about our house it is cetipedes. They gross me out:puke2:

Growing up in an old farmhouse we had mice and spiders, which I don't like either but I can deal with. Not until we moved here did I ever have to see centipedes. I have just seen 3 in a week:eek: I am so grossed out right now.
I found one in Claire's room, one in the dining room (which is completely empty since we are mudding the walls right now) and I just had one crawl out of the dirty clothes I was sorting, which means it was in the upstairs bathroom.

No lie....they have all been about 3 inches long. Get out your ruler and see how BIG that is. Ugh! I have the heebie-jeebies:teethchatter:

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I hate bugs, but I too have gotten used to them. We live in an old farmhouse too, out in a pasture. So, of course we have them. There are certain things that gross me out, more than others.

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Okay that would freak me out too but I would scream my butt off if I saw a mouse!

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oh yuck!! Call Billy from "The Exterminators" on tv, then we can watch you in an episode. lol

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OMG!!! 3 inches??? YUCKO!!! I would totally freak out! DH is forever on me about how I react to bugs, particularly around the kids. A 3 inch centipede would definitely warrant a call to an exterminator from me.

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eww! gross! ... 3 inches .. wow! ... are those things poisenous or something? i'd totally freak out! how are they getting into your house? that's weird..

we live by a big forest. I've seen mice, spiders, TICKS, ants, flying stuff like bees etc. But nothing more than that. I HATE spiders though!!! icky!

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Eww! Im with you, I think I would flip if a three inch bug was in my house! Are they mean?

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:eek:! ICK!!!!!!!! I'd DIE! We have scorpions sooo bad here and they're disgusting too.

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They don't hurt you and aren't really bothersome, just gross!

Apparently they actually feed on other insects so in that respect they are good. Our house either is really moist right now and that is attracting them or we have a lot of bugs for them to eat that we don't know about.

I guess that they can bite you but it won't bother you. Just looks like a spider bite. I was reading up on it and they actually said that their jaws often aren't even strong enough to break your skin.

They just are nasty looking things!!!!

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I guess its good to know they are "nice" and wont hurt you Wink I am most bothered by creatures that are poisonious or "mean" ...Still 3 whole inches...a little creepy Wink

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yuck!!! I don't like those things at all!

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I don't blame you - all those feet creep me out! Where do you think they're coming from?

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