Guess what I bought?

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Guess what I bought?

I just went to ACMoore and bought a Sizzix Texture Boutique and two template thingies! I received in the mail today 2 $10 reward certificate (1 I believe was a mistake). So with those and a 40% off coupon I went. The boutique cost me $11 and change and the 2 templates total was $8 and change. So for $20 I got it!!!! So excited for the weekend so I can play for hours with it!

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that is sooo awesome!! and you got a great deal on it makes it even better!! Biggrin i cant wait to see what you do with it!

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:yahoo:Gotta love steals like that! Can't wait to see what you create with it! They looks so cool and I just love what I've seen them do.

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oh that is great! I am going to have to have one of those after seeing everyone elses!

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Cool! That is the next thing on my wish list;)

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Wow, good deals!!!

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very nice! can hardly wait to see your work with it Biggrin

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What an AWESOME deal!!! Congrats girl!

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How very cool.

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So very cool! What templates did you get???

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A Thank you one and a Birthday one. Wanted to get ones I would use on a regular basis first.