Guess what I got on my snow day?

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Guess what I got on my snow day?

My snow friends cart that I ordered from Scrapbook gadgets!! I can't wait to make some of the snowmen on this cart... they are so stinking cute!

I was hoping to scrap today if we got a snow day. It's kinda been a joke... snow didn't start til about 2:00 (what there is of it) :). You yankees would die to see what they close schools here for ROFL Maybe what is wet and on the roads will freeze and I'll get another day tomorrow.

And on a different more serious note:
I'm piled up on the couch after a trip to the emergency room this week (PCOS stuff :(). Sometimes I wonder how much God really thinks I can handle. I go in for a biopsy next and looking like I could end up having surgery soon. Somebody give me strength.

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only have a quick sec before the daycare kids wake up...wanted to say I will definitely be praying for your PCOS issues. I'm so sorry hun Sad :bigarmhug: Hope they come to a resolution soon!

Very cool you got your cart today...can I see pics of the handbook?? lol.

It is so funny they shut the schools and it wasnt even snowing. HAHA. We (ironically) have only had one day of snow this Winter! So strange.

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Yikes about the surgery! :bigarmhug: God doesn't give us more than we can handle, so just remember he made you a tough cookie to handle everything!

And yes, I think I'd laugh at what they close schools there for. My sister said the forecast (in Knoxville) is snow and they closed the school-even before the snow started! lol We don't close here until -50 (before the wind).

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Ya for a new cartridge and ya for the snow day Smile

Sorry you are having trouble and may need surgery.
Hope you feel better soon.

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{{{hugs}}} So sorry about the emergency room visit. Sad Ugh. It seems like you've just had so much bad going on lately. God knows your faithfulness my friend. I'll be praying for Him to give you Strength from on high.

That's great about the cart! Can't wait to see what you create with it.

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(((hugs))) ER trips suck, plain and simple.

I'm so glad you got a new cart to play with today for your snow day.

Because I usually love snow... I bought Baby J a onsie back in November that said "I love snowy days". Well, we're now contemplating making it part of his take home outfit. The roads are closed here. Not "travel not advised", but closed. The hospital is closed to everything non-emergency. We literally cannot get anywhere because the DOT pulled the plows off the road.

But, we live in an area prepared for snow. I can imagine how a place now equipped with plows and such would pre-emptively shut down especially looking at places that are prepared shutting down. In my 8 years living here, they have NEVER shut EVERY road down, and the hospital (except for ER services and maintaining those who are there).

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What a perfect thing to arrive on a "snowy" day! I wish we could close everything for that little bit of snow! Wink

I'm so sorry to hear of your ER visit. Sad I hope things start to look up for you soon. :bighug:

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Whoo hoo on the cart!

Anti- whoo hoo on the PCOS, ER, and surgery. ((HUGS))

Michelle - that's nuts! I don't know how much snow you have, but I definitely don't want that much ever!

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Sorry to hear that you had to make a ER trip. Not fun. Stay strong.

As for the closing. Yesterday in Cincinnati they closed most of the schools for the day in anticipation of the snow but here in Dayton they did not close and in fact had a full day of school.

Oh and I can not wait to see what you do with your new cart.

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Yeah, snow days crack me up. Now here we're having brutal cold, not sure if it's headed towards any of you, but they are closed again today cause it's like in the single digits with horrible winds. UGH!!!

I am glad to hear you got your new cart and hope you love it. I still pray for you Kelly. Hugs girl!

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cant wait to see what you make with the cart!!

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Yay for a new cart!

Sorry about the hospital visit though. You have been having such a rough time:(

We have only had two snowstorms so far. The first one dumped 14 inches and almost everything was closed. Yesterday we got 8 inches and life was normal:) I think they said on the news that last year we had a total of 54 inches so we are WAY behind right now!