Guess what I got today!!!!!

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Guess what I got today!!!!!

The scrapbook train!!! I can't wait to go through it.

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yay!!! that means i'm next!!! woo hoo!! Biggrin

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Is this the new round, or is the first one still going on?

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It's still on its 1st round! And I'm after Liz!! Yay!! Don't forget my buttons Liz! LOL

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how exciting! I wish I was on the first round. lol

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:boogie: Have fun searching through it! Can't wait for the 2nd round!

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I can't wait to get in on the second round either! Biggrin

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And I am the end of the line after Aja! So close!:yahoo:

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I can't wait for the train. i am SO signing up for this again! lol Yes, aja, i haven't forgotten about your buttons. Biggrin

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ok mel disregard the post i just made on the scrapbooking train... glad you got it. was getting a little worried there.

there is so much stuff in it.
i just had it and in the time that has passed since it left my house i already have some stuff accumulated for the next round!!! yay!!!

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