Guess what? + an update

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Guess what? + an update

I now have an ENTIRE scrapbook room!

I moved the guest bed and stuff into the other room and now I have an entire room. I'm taking pics soon, still working on organizing it and hanging stuff on the wall.

Update: Well the yuck part first. I got stung on the back of my neck by a yellow jacket (I think) on the playground at work the other day and had a severe reaction! :rolleyes: They gave me a tetanus shot b/c they said they can carry that. Ever heard of anything so crazy? I have these huge knots on my neck and its still pretty sore to turn. Oh, my luck!

Besides this, Greg and I have had a really good week this week. I'm slowly finding myself enjoying little things. It's a nice and needed feeling.

We're heading to Alabama tonight to go to the big game tomorrow. ROLL TIDE! I'm usually such a home body but its been nice to get out and about and leave the house too.

Hopefully Sunday I'll get back in time to scrap a bit. I have all the VC challenges saved to do when I can. And for the 1st time in a bit, I actually want to scrap!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Yay for a craft room!! Smile Can't wait to see the pics. And boo for being stung, that sucks! Have fun at the game!

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Yay for a scrapbook room! I can only imagine what kind of goodies you have in store for us.

Roll Tide! You better bring the team good luck because DH will be unbearable if they lose to the Vols!

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Yahoo That's so GREAT!

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yeah for a scrapbook room!!! Have a great time at the game, and post pictures of that new room of yours soon Smile

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That is so exciting that you have a whole room for your scrapping and other crafts. Enjoy!!! Smile

Sorry about hearing about your neck. I got stung once on my thigh and my thigh was so swollen it was twice as big as normal. Not fun.

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Ouch!!! I have had yellow jacket stings before, but never that much of a reaction!! Glad to hear it's somewhat better. Big time jealous however you're getting your own room. Smile That is great though!! I'd obviously LOVE to see pics of it. Smile Have a fun and safe trip too!!!

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I am so surprised you didn't already have a scrapbook room. I can't wait to see pictures. I'm so happy to read that you WANT to scrap, and that you're starting to see joy in other things. Have a great time at the game! And I sure hope your neck feels better, how scary!

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Can't wait to see your scrap room!!!! Congrats!

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Ok, you know this means you're gonna have to post pics! Wink YAY!

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That's awesome that you got a new scrapbook room! I can't wait to see pics! Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting out!