guitar hero layout

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guitar hero layout

Here's the lo I did recently really is that blue though it's a lot sharper in real life. The "all star" and "champ" are sort of funny since I can't get past medium (well, sounding half decent anyway)...I can play hard but as soon as an orange one comes up I've had it. lol...Oh and I'm sure you're cringing at me taking photos on the steps like that but it's a lot cleaner and higher off the ground then it looks here. lol Thanks for looking!

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cool. hope you had fun making your idea come to life!

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how fun! I can never figure out how to hold the dang guitar LOL (finger placement)

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That looks cool. I love that you did a layout of something you love to do. Fun!

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until I have a baby I will have to do lots about myself I guess. LOL Next I am working on some of dh's family when they were little

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You know your kids will love that when they're older! You can show them and say "see, your mom IS cool"!!! Biggrin

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That is awesome - I love the guitar elements!

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How cool!!! I love your lo!!

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love the LO.
Most scrappers don't do LOs of themselves so it is great to see one.


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That's such a fun LO!

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That's a really great LO! I love the colors and the fact that you are scrapping yourself! Well done! Biggrin

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Very cool LO!

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That is such a fun layout! I am totally horrible at GH. I just panic and start hitting buttons. I've never made it through half a song! Biggrin

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what a cool page! love the title, that rocks!

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thanks! The color copier wasn't open so I drew the title. At least it was free. lol