Had issues, but I fixed them! ( 11 los)

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Had issues, but I fixed them! ( 11 los)

I made a ton of LOs this weekend! I had to complete Randy's first year scrapbook b/c his b-day party was Saturday. YES, my little man is now one. Sad He's so fun though. He always makes me smile. I just adore him! My dad said the sweetest thing about the scrapbook. He said, "Sadie, that is the most beautiful baby book I have ever seen. It's so pretty. You did a great job." My dad isn't very expressive, so it was nice to get a compliment like that! I had fun making it and I was glad to get it finished in time! I don't have anymore room on my flickr, so I made a new one just to show scrapbook pages under Randall's name! Lol Sorry for the quality of the photos. Some were taken late at night, and some were taken right before we left.

Here we go, there are quite a few!

This one is probably one of my favs. I just love the different textures, patterns on this one. Usually, I steer clear of a lot of patterns, but I saw a page like this, so I lifted it.

This one again was lifted from a page in that book I talked about last time. The song was lifted as well. Here's a link for the lyrics.

I HAD to do one of him and his silky. He has to go to sleep with his silky. Luckily, it's anything silky, but when he's tired, he'll walk into his room, and pull his silkies out of his crib and carry them around. It's too cute. Plus, he puts his pointer finger in his mouth upside down. He doesn't suck on it, just keeps it there. I find it adorable!

Here's his montly LOs from 5-12 months. With these, I tried to stick with something he was doing at the time (like crawling, by putting the crawling baby on there) or what he liked at the time (ex: dogs).

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those are all adorable!! X has a silky too... we call it doggie because its got a dog head lol and whenever he grabs doggie the thumb goes right in his mouth!
great work momma!

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These are awesome! I really love how cohesive the whole album is. I didn't think I wanted A Child's Year but you make it look so cute! I can't believe Randy is walking around so well. I am so envious that you have his first year album done. I have maybe 2 or 3 layouts done of Alex. Fantastic job! WTG!

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I can't believe he's 1, the year has FLOWN!!!! I love his baby book layouts, and I really like how you kept them consistent. and I totally adore the cutout with the duck and bubbles, that's so cool! I'm with you, I really love the first layout. and the second one is really nice, love it too. nice work!

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I can't believe you did all those in a weekend. :eek: You rock! They are sooo cute! I especially really love how you kept the monthly pages on the same theme. The Godspeed layout is my favorite I think...it's so sweet. The song you used was perfect too.

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wow! Great set of pages! :woohoo: on getting his first year book done!

I love the first one. It's a beautiful color scheme and is a very pretty LO.

I really love the flow of his months pages. And the page with his silky is so sweet.

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I love them all, but have to agree that the first one is my fave. Such pretty colors and I love the ribbon. You did a great job on them all. Congrats on getting all that done. Do you do that just for people to look at when they're there? Or did you give everyone copies? I too feel like his year has flown by!!

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I love those Sadie, they are all so special. You really have been busy over the weekend. How did you fit that in along with a birthday party?

That is really sweet what your dad said too, it is nice when someone who normally isn't into scrapping can see so much value in it.

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Beckie- we have that same one. Well, now we have two different ones, plus lots of silky bigger blankets. We keep the smaller ones in the truck for travel silkies. Lol We don't go anywhere without them! My sister bought him an ADORABLE one that has a verse on it. We found it at a Christian bookstore.

Nancy- I didn't think I would like ACY, but it's AWESOME. By far, my fav. Great cut outs, font, icons, and cards!

Gwen- Let me know if you would like anything cut from it. It's such a great cart!

Charys- the funny thing is about the song- my sister was telling me about a song she sings to Simon, her son about 1 month ago. That was the song. I just so happened to come across that LO & song in that book, so I lifted it. I had to call her and tell her she needed to do one for Simon too!

Carrie- I didn't make copies. I just left it out for everyone to look at. I made a collage for Ruthie's first party and framed it, but this was much more fun!

Andrea- Well, they actually didn't take that long. They were very simple pages. I came home on Friday after work, and Randall had to work that night, so I scrapped until 10:30 or so. Then I woke up and scrapped until we all had to get ready for the party.

Thanks ladies. I appreciate all the special comments! Biggrin

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Great work!!! They are beautiful. Smile

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oh my gosh...hearing he is already one made me have mental flashbacks of how fast everything is flying by in my own life....surely he's only like 4 months old tops, right??? lol...He is so sweet...My fave is the ten month old page, but they are all great! And how sweet what your dad said about the book Smile

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They're all awesome! The Godspeed LO made me cry tho. I did a Godspeed LO of my nephew when he was a newborn, shortly after my sister died. I had a pic of his head in her hand, and just stuck with the lyrics of flying to him each night on angels wings. I burned the song to CD (she loved the dixie chicks) so his dad could play it for him at bedtime. Such a beautiful song full of heartfelt meaning. TFS!

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Great pages. I love all the different patterns and Colors. Nicely done.