Had my party today!!!

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Had my party today!!!

We just got home from my party. We had it at the In-laws because of the pool. It was suppose to be a "pool" party however it rained the entire time. Well except the first 30 minutes, so the little kids got to swim.

Anyway it wasn't hot and humid like it normally is for a June afternoon so we all sat on the porch. So everyone want to know what I got.....

DH let me open my first present the night before my Bday and I got the Graphically Speaking and Cuttin Up Cartridges.

Today at the party I got a the Wild Card Cartridge from my dad!!! I also got $100 from my ILs and about $45 from other people all of it I get to spend on Scrapbooking stuff!!!!!

DH also got me tickets to see Kenny Chesney in August! He might also get tickets to see Rascal Flatts in July.

So now I'm not feeling that bad about my birthday. Nothing like scrapbooking gifts to cheer you up!

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Very cool and happy birthday! You have to post what you end up buying Smile

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geesh! that sounds like a wonderful birthday!!

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Sweet... you really raked it in!

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3 new carts all at once? now thats a GREAT birthday!! Biggrin

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Wow you made out like a scrapbooking bandit!!! Good for you!

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WOO HOO!!!! Great party and gifts!

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"AshnBill" wrote:

geesh! that sounds like a wonderful birthday!!


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Wow! Happy Birthday To You!:D:yahoo:

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What a wonderful birthday!! You got awesome carts! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Smile Happy (late) birthday Kebrina!

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That's awesome!!! I love Rascal Flatts, so I hope that pans out for you Smile

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Wow you made out like a scrapbooking bandit!!! Good for you!


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sounds awesome.... Happy Birthday again!!!

Rascal Flatts puts on an awesome concert I definitely would suggest going to see them. I would totally go see them again this summer but we have so much going on already.....
sorry it rained for your party but you got some awesome gifts so i'm guessing that made up for it....oh and the fact that it wasn't hot and humid

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Awesome gifts! Sorry it rained on the pool party though.

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that's awesome!!!!! you really lucked out!!!!!!

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Man, you got some fantastic stuff!