had to share some pages by me and my niece!

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had to share some pages by me and my niece!

Hey ladies. I have had my 9 year-old niece the last two days and we bought her a scrapbooking kit for her b-day so she has been bringing it over. We have done a few pages. Just had to share!

Here are mine-

Here are her three-

She did pretty darn good huh? I was proud of her! Biggrin Thanks for looking!

Oh yea, btw....my new siggy was created by ME! I had fun making it and it only toook me about 2 hours. I guess my computer thought it would take it easy on me for a while today. Too bad the internet wasn't feeling the same way. :roll:

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Great LO's

Your niece did do a fantastic job!!! I really love her last page with the silly faces.

I absolutely love your siggy. How cute.

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My favorite is the patriotic page! Well done!! And I love love love that little snail. Smile You gave me a great idea how to use that paper on your second LO. I received the same paper as a gift.

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i love your siggy, and your niece is doing a fab job already!

(you too!)

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great pages
I like that little snail embelleshment

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Aww, they are cute. I love the bright colors in that last one. It just says "kids" so much.

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Those are great. She did a wonderful job and I love your new siggy!

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Your neice is very talented for a young girl! Well done!

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Great lo's!!! Your niece did a great job

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I love how you cropped first time in the dirt! cute pages. and your niece did a great job!!!

(cute siggy too Wink )

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Wow, those are all great! I just recently got my 11 year old sister back into scrapbooking, too. Biggrin Great job on the siggy, as well. Love it!

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those are great!! i love how your niece used the opposite colours.. Smile

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AWWW I like to scrap with my 8 year old niece! Her pages are a little, um, interesting LOL Your niece did a great job! Yours are awesome!

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Those are great pages! By both you and your niece. She did really great for such a young girl. I love the siggy too! Smile