Hailey's birth story & pics (xp)

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Hailey's birth story & pics (xp)

I had a few people ask for me to post this here as well so here it is. I think I may be inspired to get out the scrapping stuff for my little girl. It has been WAY too long since I have done anything but I think being on maternity leave will help. Work kills my mojo I guess.

On Thursday September 9th I woke up to a contraction at 9am. I didn't think much of it since I have been having contractions on and off for a while now and this one wasn't very painful at all. I decided to get up. DH and I took DS out to the mall so I could get in some walking since it was a dreary day outside. I noticed I was having contractions and they were getting stronger but they were still about 15 minutes apart.

We got home around 1pm and a friend of mine came over with her daughter for a playdate and late lunch. We grilled up some chicken and sat around. I warned her that I thought I was in labor at that point but there was no use in doing anything yet since there would still be several hours before going to the hospital and she provided a great distraction through the early stuff. Meanwhile the contractions moved to every 8 minutes apart and then around 5pm jumped to every 4 minutes from one contraction to the next. DH and my friend helped clean the house while I packed our hospital bag. I guess I procrastinated on that one but for some reason I figured I would have plenty of time which ended up being true. At 5:30 MIL picked up DS and my friend headed out, at 6:30 DH and I left for the hospital. My mom headed out and met us at the hospital since she and DH were my support people.

At 7pm I was checked up in triage to find that I was 4cm which I was a little disapointed with since I had been contractring all day and I had already been at a 3 several days before. My contractions had slowed to every 7 minutes or so, I was worried they would putter out all together. We decided to give it another hour before deciding to go home. In that hour my contractions got a lot harder and went to every 2.5 minutes apart. When I was checked again at around 8:30 I was at a 6 so we were admited.

Baby girl had not turned yet so I was having back labor. Maybe I got lucky but it really wasn't that bad compared to regular labor. . . it still hurt but not that much worse. I got a lot of relief leaning forward onto a birth ball and rolling my hips around so that is what I did for several hours. DH and my mom basically just kept their distance and softly encouraged me since I really did not want to be touched. My midwife was wonderful and encouraging too. The nurses had a shift change in the middle of things but they were both wonderful in very different ways. The first was uber sweet and helped calm me, the second was firmer and maybe colder (not too much though) but she was very experienced and that made me feel comfortable too. I really appreciated how everyone was that night. By midnight I was only at a 7cm and getting discouraged and tired. The next couple of hours I guess were much more productive becuase I was checked at 2am and I was full dilated and effaced. I didn't have much of an urge to push though so we let it go an extra half hour or so to "labor down". By 2:40am I started feeling a lot more pressure and the need to poop so we figured this was it.

Honestly I was terrified of this part because it was unknown. With DS he was stuck up high for hours as I pushed and after 4+ hours of pushing was a c-section. I was soooo scared of the stretching and possible tearing especially being med free. I was tired so I laid on the bed but on my side to push. I just tried with all my might as if I was having a really difficult bowel movement and the midwife and nurse were both amazed at how well I was pushing. Within one contraction the head was visible. The next 15 minutes felt like 15 seconds. All the sudden I felt a lot of burning and could tell she was crowning. I started panicking in my mind that this next part would take forever and that it would get so much worse before she was actually out. I was honestly psyching myself out before the next contraction and my DH just told me to forget about it and focus on the next push instead of the big picture. So I took in a deep breath as the contraction came and pushed as hard as I could past the scary burning sensation. Amazingly half way through baby slipped right on out like it was nothing, the burning pretty much completely subsided and they told me she was out. I was in total shock, I had completely braced myself for the worst and there I was having my baby girl being put to my chest. I was ecstatic and remembered in time to ask the midwife to delay cutting the cord. When Hailey was put on my chest I understood why it had been so much easier, she was a little peanut. Her head was over 1.5" smaller in circumference, kinda makes a difference. She laid on my chest for over an hour and nursed like a champ from the very beginning. I honestly was still in disbelief that I got my VBAC and it had been so easy compared to what I had expected. I tore a tiny bit but no stitches were even required which was also a huge relief since tearing was such a fear of mine since my first pregnancy.

All in all I am so happy I tried a vaginal birth. My c-section healed very quickly but still doesn't compare to how much easier this has been. I'm also very thankful that she was smaller and made it much easier on me.

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So glad your VBAC went even better than you expected! She is beautiful! CONGRATS!!!

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I'm so happy for you and your VBAC! Thank you so much for sharing the story.

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sounds like you had a great VBAC...way to go! She is so cute!

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Congrats on your vbac and great delivery, and on my bday no doubt! YaY!!!! She's a beauty! Love the name as well as I have a Hailey that I also delivered vbac, too! Awesome birth story, thank for sharing!

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Congrats!! She is absolutely gorgeous! And awesome birth story...so glad it went so well for you.
I really love the pic of big brother giving her a kiss. Ahhh!!

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What an amazing story and a beautiful little girl! Congrats again!!