Halloween Card Sentiments

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Halloween Card Sentiments

Thought I'd share these for those of you making Halloween cards...

Come As You Aren’t
Ghostly Greetings
Have A Bootiful Halloween.
Have A Beary Scary Halloween
Have A Fang-tastic Night
Have A Frightfully Spooky Halloween
Have A Spooky Day
I Witch You A Happy Halloween
It's A Spooktakular Party
Just A Spooky Little Greeting, To Wish You Happy Trick Or Treating.
Spooky Greetings!
Tomb It May Concern

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Those are cute, thanks!!!!

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Very cool. I think I may get started on some tonight!

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Those are good ones. It makes me want to make Halloween cards! Biggrin THANKS!

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hahaha very cute!!
Thanks for sharing!

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