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Handy Stitch

Does anyone have one of these? It's a handheld sewing machine thingy that retails for about $10. I found one at Tuesday Morning for $5 and picked it up. I thought, well maybe I could use it for scrapbooking and hooray! It works! Very simple and you can only do one kind of stitch but hey, can't beat it for 5 bucks. It even came with this button attacher. I haven't tried to see if the button attacher works on paper yet or not but I figured I might actually use that as well. I was just very excited. Now I just need a layout to sew on!

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How neat! I have had some questions about stitching and your post is going to make me go look them up! Have fun with your new toy Smile

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pretty cool! Could've used one of those the other day when I was hand sewing curtains. lol

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REally? I've got to see that. I don't have a sewing machine, but that would be so cool. Esp. for only 10 bucks. Yay for getting it for only 5!! Is it easy to use?

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Here's the link for product info

Apparently there is a difference between the Handy Stitch and the QuickStitch. I have the QuickStitch and it works very well. I am not having any of the problems mentioned by reviewers of the Handy Stitch. Seriously, if you happen to come across one, you should consider it.

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