Happiness - thanks to you girls! (love challenge)

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Happiness - thanks to you girls! (love challenge)

This page took me way too long to do (at least two hours). I struggled with what I wanted to do. I looked at the layouts you girls did for me, but I knew I wanted to include both pictures of the girls (instead of just Jordan, which is all I had at the time of the give a little love challenge). I ended up taking ideas from several of the layouts posted, and combined them into the layout you see before you.

I'm going to have a friend with nice handwriting write the date in a corner somewhere so I know when the pictures were taken (Jordan was in March, Natalie in June). Anyhow, I'm pleased with the end result. You can see the girls' names better in person than in the picture.

Thank you again to those who worked with my picture last month, I loved seeing what you came up with (and I'm printing Kelly's to hang in Jordan's room, love that one so much!)

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It is fabulous! I like that you combined both pics.

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Wow that looks GREAT! I love the rub - on names. Those colors blend perfectly with the photos.

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that looks great gwen!! i love the butterflies!!! are those stickers or did you draw them and then outline them? Smile

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Hope - actually, I cut the letters for their names with the cricut machine. Wink

Delia - those are stickers (except for the green ones by their pictures, those are from the cricut)

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Great Job Gwen! I really like that the 2 pics were on the page... Biggrin
I see that your loving your Cricut!! what an awsome machine!

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That turned out SO well! I really love it!