Happy 1st Birthday Miles!!

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Happy 1st Birthday Miles!!

I hope you have an extra special day buddy!! Eat an extra big piece of cake. Smile

It's been so fun watching you grow.


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Can't believe it's that time already!! Hope you have a terrific day!!

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Happy Birthday!

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I was just going to post that I was hoping there would be some more party pictures (besides the new siggy pic, which is adorable, of course!!! :))! Happy birthday Miles!

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i cant believe hes 1 already!! Happy Birthday!!

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Wow. A year went fast. Happy birthday little man!

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Happy 1st Birthday!

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it's gone so fast!! Happy Birthday little man!!:D:D

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Thank you girls!! So crazy a year has already gone by. At this time last year I was still pushing! LOL

He's no longer my baby, but my toddler!?! Weird! Miles is having a great day. We had "school" this morning (Early Childhood Mommy & Me class) and it was our turn to bring snack so we brought mini cupcakes. He got a Happy Birthday sticker for his shirt, a book, and a certificate and we all sang to him. Now we're hanging out at home (dh has the day off, too) and he's been playing with his new toys.

I posted a ton of pictures on my birth board, http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/showthread.php?t=569788
OR if you don't want to go there, they're on my blog too, along with a few flashback pictures. http://www.ashleylantto.blogspot.com/
We did a carnival/circus theme and I had way too much fun planning it!

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I can't believe he's 1! I remember when you told us you were pregnant. The time flies! Off to peek at your pictures (then I need to get my crying guy out of his crib)

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Oh he had the CUTEST party ever!!!! I love all the decorations!! And he looks like such a big boy....had did he grow up so fast??!?

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O M Geeee you did such an awesome job with the party!!!! I knew you were holding out on us not posting those pics. Lol Thanks for the link! You totally made me want to have a carnival themed party for someone. Maybe I'll have to have one for myself. ROFL

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Wow, that was a fast year! Love your new pic, off to check out the other pics ... happy birthday Miles!:)

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Thanks everybody! I had fun planning it...LOL. Now to do decide what to do next year! (just kidding for now...LOL!)

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wow! that flew by...off to look at the pics of the party. Happy birthday little man Smile

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:eek: 1 ALREADY!?! Seriously, where did the time go? That means Randy is 5 months away from being one.

Oh my goodness he is a doll! I haven't seen pics of him lately b/c of this stupid computer, but his hair has grown so much! He's so handsome! Love the siggy pic. ( I can see it on your bb, but not on the sb board....this computer makes NO sense!) :rolleyes:

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awwww how fast the time flies. can't believe he's 1.... it seems like yesterday u told us u were pregnant.

he's so adorable. looks like an awesome party. great job mommy