Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

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Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Happy Birthday Ashley! (iluvmygemini).

Hope you have a great day today! Biggrin :bigarmhug::icecream:

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thank you! and its been a great day so far..DH took me to ac moore this morning and let me get the texture boutique Yahoo i was trying to be sneaky and use their 50% off coupon on the machine and the embossing folders but of course they were on sale for 40% off Lol DH was right too, he said they were going to be 40% off before we even got to the store! ROFL

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Happy birthday Yahoo glad you got something crafty as a present!

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happy birthday!!! hope it's a great one

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Happy Birthday!!!!

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Happy Birthday sweetie!! Hope you have a special day! Sounds like it was great so far. Wink Can't wait to see what you do with the texture boutique.

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Happy Birthday Ash. I really hope that today has been a great day for you.

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thank you ladies Biggrin

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Happy birthday!

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Awww, happy birthday! Hope it was the best one yet and many more to come!

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Late to this, but happy birthday!!

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Late here too, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :icecream: Glad he took you shopping!

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happy belated birthday!