Happy Birthday Kayson!

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Happy Birthday Kayson!

I just wanted to say Happy B-day! I know it is a very bittersweet day for you! I hope you guys have a wonderful day! I can't wait to see pics and pages from his b-day party!

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:woohoo: HAPPY BDAY BIG BOY!!!!

Charys, I think I cried that day when Kira turned 1. It just seemed to have gone by so fast.

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Wow, what a sweet surprise this was!!! That means so much that you girls remembered. YEs, it's an emotional day for me. I'm so sad my baby is growing up, but it's exciting to see him grow. I just love him more than anything in the world!! Thank you so much Sadie and Dee!!!! We are celebrating by going to Brownwood later on today. We had a party for him Saturday. (Scrapbook pages to follow.... Wink )

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Happy Birthday Kayson!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so emotional when ryan turned 1...very bitter sweet.;)
Looking forward to seeing the birthday page..:p

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YAY!! Happy Birthday sweet Kayson! It is hard to believe our babies are growing up Sad

BTW: Just wanted to let you know the Nov board wished Kayson a happy birthday too Smile

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aww happy birthday

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Happy Birthday Kayson! Can't wait to see the layout from the birthday party. Wink