Happy Birthday to me!!!

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Happy Birthday to me!!!

So I had this 50% an item for Richard's floating in my car and my MIL gave me a $25 gift certificate for my b-day! This is what I got for $6!

And I got these items a few days ago, had a 40% off an item for Michael's. The chipboard I wanted finally came in, so I took advantage of it.

Those who have toddler boys, anyone else feel like they have a hard time finding "toddler boy" stuff. Not colors, but sticker themed stuff. I don't use football, dinosaur stuff yet, just stuff to represent the toddler age. Maybe I'm just being WAY TOO specific. LOL

Too bad, I've packed up my scrapbooking and don't plan to scrapbook till after the move (if we ever move.......well we don't have a choice....LOL).

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Wow!! What a deal on both accounts!

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woo hoo! And yes I have a difficult time finding stuf aimed for toddler boys and boys in general. My friend James thinks he might have a few things for me, so if he can find them and I can't use them I'll be happy to mail them to someone who can.

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Happy Birthday Aja! And look at that loot...yay! Yes, it's harder to find toddler boy things IMO than girl!! But looks like you did pretty good!!

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Happy birthday! Wow, you got lots of really good stuff!!

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I love it! And happy birthday!!!:D:bigarmhug:

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Happy Birthday Aja!!!

Yes I agree very hard to find toddler boy things.

In fact I'm off to Michaels and possibly ac moore this week to get some more things for ds' scrapbook and his bday invites.

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yay for fun Birthday stuff! Happy Birthday to you! Boy stuff that is cute is hard to find. I hope you have a fabulous Birthday!

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I'm so glad I don't have the boy problem! Great stuff though. Love those toddler stickers.

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Happy Birthday!!! I love what you got and what a deal!

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Happy birthday!!!!! And you got some great stuff!!!! Wink

The boy stuff really gets easier as they get older. I know that for the toddler stuff, I got some great stickers from Creative Memories back when I used to buy their supplies. But that was a long time ago.

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Great stuff, especially for the price of it!

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Well, that WAS a good b-day huh?! Glad you got lots of goodies!