Happy BRRRR Day

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Happy BRRRR Day

This card is for my baby sis. Her B'day is next week.

Karen- I also took a pic of the cart that you asked for. These little snowman are too cute. Definitely worth $14!



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Oh my goodness! So cute!
Did you use textured paper? Or is this the texture thing Gwen and Tia have been talking about?!

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Ashley- I have a cuttlebug, those are 2 of the folders I have. I think what Gwen & Tia got does the same thing.

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I LOVE how you embossed the snowman! What a cute card!!!
If you have any time could you post a few other things you have embossed? I just bought the machine today so I need some idea's Smile

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That is so freakin adorable!!!

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okay you are so talented! I am really digging this card Biggrin Thanks for taking the pic. I am gonna pass on buying it though (was hoping it did a FEW more things) ... I really need to focus on finding a cupboard for my scrap room to shut my stuff away in (i.e. KEEP IT OFF THE FLOOR) lol

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This is amazing!! My new favorite of yours'!!!!!!!! Just love the sweet colors and details of the snowman. And so cute how you used Happy Brrrday. Love the two ribbons too. Everything is great!

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I'm with Charys...my new fave of yours. You really know how to make things so much cuter than what they are supposed to be. DARLING snowman.

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that is adorable!!! and I love all of the embossed papers, I want to buy more folders now. Wink

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great work!!

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what an adorable card!!! and that cart is just too cuteeee