Happy national scrapbook day!!!!

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Happy national scrapbook day!!!!

Is anyone scrapping today? I will be but just in the morning:D

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I would love to get a chance to do a page today. We are still transitioning from our trip and I have been so tired being in the beginning stages of pregnancy. Maybe Madison will take a long nap today, lol.

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I made a few cards last night and might work on some and a page today.

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I will scrapbook something today if it kills me.

I will also be making the games for TJ's birthday next weekend. Unfortunately DH is out of town so I am on my own with the kids. Sad

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im hoping to do some scrapping today....i just got home from a scrapbooking yard sale with some great stuff. so no matter what i'll be happy today.

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

I will scrapbook something today if it kills me.


I'd love to, but I'm alone with both kids today while DH works a long day. Then we're going out to dinner with my parents, so it's looking doubtful! Sad Maybe if the kids get to bed early and I'm not too tired.

Can't wait to see what all of you create! Smile

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I am hoping to at least participate in 1 or 2 challenges today. But I really need to go get more adhesive!

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HAPPY SCRAPBOOKING DAY my friends!!!!!! I'm going to post a little sometin' in just a bit..... Wink

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It's naptime and here I am, ready to start a few pages!! I almost have our Florida trip pages done. Went a bit overboard, I am on page 11 right now Smile

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I'm going to try to do some right now ...

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anyone have anything to share yet??? Looking for inspiration!

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My son had a birthday party and so I hung out in the scrapbooking store to waste time and it wasn't until I came home and logged on here that I saw it was NSD. How sad is that? They didn't have a single item on sale or any mention in their entire store about NSD!!!!!

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Okay so I just sent in new pics to get my mojo going and then I will be scrapping! Jazz is going to a fieldtrip where she had to decorate a coffee tin to bring her luch in so we made that this morning. I will share it once I have a page or 2 done Smile

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I actually scrapped some pictures of Joshuas Santa pictures and just some family pictures that I already had printed out.. YAAAA.. Simple pages but it still felt good to scrap!

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I didn't scrap all day. Weekends are not the best for me getting any computer time. But I did shop! Tooooo much lol.