Have to share some more (LOs)

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Have to share some more (LOs)

I hope no one minds me posting these. Other than my mom, I don't really have anyone to show them to.

Anyhow, thanks to yesterday's crop and a four hour nap by my little guy I got EIGHT pages done yesterday! Here are some of them. Please excuse the glare on some of the pics. It was my camera flash. Smile

Mommy & Me & Nana Too!

Winnie the Pooh/Six Month Old Spencer

Tummy Time (I inked those letters myself. I think they look great!)

Six Months Old

Family (with plastic overlay-if you look close, you can see my reflection in the plastic) Lol The paper with two circles reveals hidden journaling. I put the card together myself to journal in. Most of my journaling is easily read but since this was more private, I decided to make a card to write in. I like how it turned out.

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So cute! I loved the one where you have him sitting up next to winnie the pooh! I also love the picture of his feet/toes in that last LO.

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That's a great idea to use a card for journaling! That LO is sooooo sweet.

TFS! Good work! And yay for getting 8 pages done. Wow. :eek:

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Love the card idea for journaling! There was a lady on my BB who used a Pooh too. It was really sweet to watch her son grown next to him. Biggrin

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Wow - EIGHT layouts? I bow to you! They look great - love the little feet!

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So sweet! The colors in the pooh bear LO are fantastic