have you seen this ATG?

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have you seen this ATG?


It is so cute. If I didn't already own the big yellow, I would get this one! Plus, 3M will donate a portion of the proceeds to Susan G Komen Foundation.

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3M is such a great company. They donate all the school supplies (including sleeping mats) for every kindergartner in the town my kids go to school in. (There is a factory in that town.) They offer giant discounts to teachers. They donate a lot to the community.

It's great that they're doing this now too.

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is that a good price for one? are the refills inexpensive? i need an atg

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I get refills from http://www.findtape.com/shop/product.aspx?id=297&cid=59&idx=1&tid=1&info=Refill+Rolls for about 2.00 or less a roll. During a heavy scrapping period, one roll lasts me two weeks, so I am thrilled with the price of these compared to other adhesives.

I don't know if that price is average for the atg or not, because I didn't buy mine, it was gifted, but i do know the store and I do trust the owner. She is great about shipping quick and everything I have ordered from her has been great.

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That is a GREAT price for one! It is basically the same as the 714 which is normally around $50. I totally would have gotten this one except that I had just ordered one about a week before I saw this:rolleyes:

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oh, that's such a cute one! I love my gun, use it all of the time (when I'm actually crafting)