Haven't been around a whole lot

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Haven't been around a whole lot

and probably won't be around a whole lot for a few more days. We got hit with a triple cold. All three of us have it. DH has it a lot worse but he's had it a few days longer than Patrick and I so I'm sure that part will come. Just wanted to let you all know. I may take off tomorrow from work for a day to get better but we shall see tomorrow morning. I think I may need that day later on this week judging by how DH is acting today.

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not that too!!! UGH, you've had a horrible weekend girl! :bigarmhug: I'll be sending more prayers your way! Take it easy....and yes, call in sick.

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Gosh Erin. It's been hard for you lately, Geez!! I hope you are all better really soon girl.

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wow sorry to hear it. Hope you and the rest of the family feel better soon. Definitely sounds like u need a day off.

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that sucks! I hope everyone feels better and FAST! fingers crossed that Patrick doesn't feel worse.