Having fun with some mojo!! lol (very pic heavy)

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Having fun with some mojo!! lol (very pic heavy)

I've been wanting to scrap again all weekend!:D

I've done a ton of cards for upcoming birthdays...I'm not proud of these nephew cards though...argh...I have nothing boyish!! lol

cleary i have lots of girly stuff though lol
this is for one of our little daycare girls

this is for a great friend on preg.org who has just had her baby!!

for my younger sis

for my older sis, who is OBSESSED with sunflowers. lol

for my hubby Wayne who's bday is on the 25th Biggrin See, I can use hearts on a guy's if I'm married to him but not so much on my teenage nephews lol

And my Mom's who loves butterflies

And this page will be the inside cover of a scrapbook me and my siblings and nieces and nephews are ALL making together for her 50th Biggrin

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oh and the lettering on the lo as well as the buttons on the guys cards are all from virtual crop prizes charys sent. Thanks hun!!!:D

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The page is pretty. You sure did make alot of cards! I think the boy cards look great, don't see anything wrong with them.

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You HAVE been busy! :eek: I think your boy's cards look great! Very masculine and just right for a guy. The way you did the photo corners on Deion's card is my favorite. And your doodling on Lily's card is so nice. the way you personalize each card is great...I bet each recipient really appreciates it too. Where did you find those felt butterflies? Love them!

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LOVING those felt butterflies. You have been very busy!

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Wow, you've been busy - and so creative!!!! Smile My favorite part of all of them is probably the heart with the dotted line on the card for your dh!

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wow, girl, you have been BUSY! love your cards!!!! I think you did a GREAT job on the boy cards, they are really nice. And Wayne's card rocks! Love Catherine's card, and the baby girl card is so pretty. Terrific work!

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Holy cards batman! WTG girl! I love the girlie cards, the one with the circle and sparkles is my favorite.

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How fun!!! Those are all great!! TFS

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They are lovely Karen, send some mojo my way! Smile

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Wow Karen! Those are amazing. I love them all! Way to go with the mojo!

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GREAT cards!!! i love them all!!!!!
the guys cards are great!

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WOW you were busy! My favorite is the first one!!!

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I think they are all perfect! Boyish stuff is sooooo hard to make, well for me anyways. I always struggle. I think you did a great job on them. The Mom one is my favorite! Biggrin

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Oh my goodness! You were busy! Just love them. Lots of spring colors and I'm a fan of butterflies and flowers Smile

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those butterflies were in a pack of 6 for a buck from the dollar store!! :eek: They're pretty big too! When I read how many of you liked them I looked for some on my way home from Walmart tonight but there aren't any left. I will keep my eye out though! I'm there at least twice a week. lol

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"rachelrazzle" wrote:


They are lovely Karen, send some mojo my way! Smile

Thanks girly! I miss talking to you! You should seriously get back to scrapping and join in on this board!Message me and let me know how you are Biggrin

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Holy cow, Karen, you have been busy!!! They all turned out great. I think the boy ones are perfect!

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Wow...I couldn't even pick a fave, they are all so great!!! TFS and congrats on getting so much done!