hehe my LO is posted on a designer's site.

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hehe my LO is posted on a designer's site.

lol i'm a nerd. i'm all excited because my LO is posted on a designer's site (freebie designer), but still. it's exciting lol it's the Special Moment Kit. "First church outfit"


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I'd be a nerd too..that IS exciting! How cool!

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WTG! I'd be a nerd too! I love your work! I wish I could see this LO, but I am sure it's gorgeous!

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Very cool Liz! I'd be excited too if my LO was posted!

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That is so cool!
Not nerdy at all;)

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That is so exciting!!!! :wootjump:

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so exciting! Not dorky at all

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That is so cool! I'd be excited too!

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awesome! id be excited!

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If you can't nerd out about scrapbooking stuff to your scrapbooking friends, who can you nerd out to?


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I'm always excited when that happens Smile

Still love the Layout, btw

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WOW! Congrats!

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