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Well just wanted to pop in and say hi. My internet isn't working at home and a tech guy can't come until tomorrow afternoon. YUCK! But anyway, here I am stuck at school on a Friday night. Our school offers a "Kids night out" once a month. This is an evening where we (a few teachers and a load of HS girls) entertain the kids while parents get a little alone time. We do this as a volleyball fundraiser and we make a ton on it. Anyway, hopefully I will be back on tomorrow night. But I haven't skipped out on you.

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Hi! :wavehello: You should get the kids to do some lo's for you while you're there. lol

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Thanks for popping in! Hope you get your internet back ASAP!

What a neat thing for you guys to do for the parents! I know I need a night out. Lol

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Hi! That's the worst when the internet is down!!! I hope it's back up soon!

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Hope you had fun with all those kids Lol Hope you are back with us soon.