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I refound this board today and figured I would introduce myself. I posted on the June check in, but here's a little bit more.

My name is Shannon. I live with my husband Kevin (part-time, since he's an over the road trucker), our son Karl, our exchange student from Thailand, Orakarn (until the end of the month, btw she's 17), 2 cats and a dog.

I only do paper scrapbooking, but would like to do a digital book for Christmas gifts this year. I have been scrapbooking for about 8 years. I am a Creative Memories consultant, but have an appreciation for other products (especially the things I bought before I became a consultant).

Some projects I have finished: My 2 mo. stay as an exchange student to Latvia, quite a few family albums

Ongoing projects are plentiful: Family albums, Karl's 1st year, me growing up, dh growing up, our boyscouting activities, our home, state capitals (We have been to 7 of the 50...), pet album, my families album (was my grandma's so I'm trying to keep it updated), small trip albums- 2 times to California and one to Florida. I think that's about it...
I don't have a lot of pictures on my computer at the moment, but I'll post some.
These pages were acually done based on a challange I saw on here last fall (shoes/feet) and now are actually journaled.

CM makes these small paper albums that come with paper stickers. They make great gifts. I did this one for dh.

These are some from Karl's album

These are just some assorted pages/ideas I like

Thanks for looking!

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Wow! Great layouts - and welcome!

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Those are so neat! Thanks for sharing.

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Welcome! I hope you find this board as helpful and as fun as I have in the last couple months! The ladies here are great! Your LO's are great and your little guy is absolutely adorable! Smile

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Shannon! Welcome, welcome! I'm so glad you shared your pages with us. It feels like I know you more now. Smile Your journaling is great. The book you made your DH is so sweet...I'm sure he loves it. My favorite pages are the Las Vegas pages and the sweet dreams page.

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welcome! I hope you love the board as much as we all do! Your layouts are just great! I really enjoyed looking at them all!

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Thanks Ladies! I am sure I will love this board. It's a nice motivation to try new things and keep scrapbooking!

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You do great journaling on your pages Biggrin

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Great pages and welcome to the board. I love that pic of your DH and LO napping. Too funny!!!

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Great LOs! TFS them already! We love newbies and I am glad you joined us! Biggrin

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Welcome! Your pages are great - I love the book you made DH, so sweet!

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Hi Shannon!! Fancy meeting you over here!!! Welcome to the board.


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"Drumapril" wrote:

Hi Shannon!! Fancy meeting you over here!!! Welcome to the board.


Hey April! I'm lovin' it so far. It's great motivation to keep scrapping!