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Hi ya there. I know I've been gone a little while. I needed a time out from pg.org. Anyways, I'm back and happy to say that I am preggers! I am due in April like Sadie.

I found out a while ago but was having a hard time dealing with it. After suffering several miscarriages before having my son, I was afraid the same thing would happen. I just needed to remove myself for a bit and just be. Well, I've had some horrible morning sickness but I got to hear the heartbeat yesterday and now, it's all real. This bean's gonna stick!!!!

So, I've got tons of catching up to do and even more scraplifting to do. Seems I've got to get DS's book caught up fast since I'm about to have to start another. Biggrin

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Congratulations hun!!! :bigarmhug: I know it must've been hard for you to relax and enjoy but I hope things are a lot better for you now that you've heard that little heartbeat Biggrin

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Oh, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! I'm glad you have had confirmation and can be excited now. That is wonderful and we are very happy for you.

Get going on that scrapping while you can! Smile

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Congrats to you and welcome back

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Hi Nancy! Congratulations!!!!!!

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Glad you are back Nancy and Congratulations!!! I wish you a HH9M!

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Hi Nancy!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you!!

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congrats congrats congrats!!!! Glad to see ur back.

i to have been mia lately. but i dont want to steal ur post

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Congrats! Nice to 'meet' you (I don't think we have before).

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Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you! That's great that you've heard the heartbeat. Glad to see you're back here too.

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:boogie: I am so excited for you! That's awesome! CONGRATS!

I am jealous you have the desire to scrap! Wink I just have the desire to sleep!

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"sadieruth" wrote:

:boogie: I am so excited for you! That's awesome! CONGRATS!

I am jealous you have the desire to scrap! Wink I just have the desire to sleep!

I wouldn't so much as call it a desire as much as a NEED! I haven't really scrapped in a while so I'm pretty behind where I would like to be. I too have been beyond exhausted. I'm on Phenegren pretty regularly so that makes me comatose for a good part of the day. Since I took the job at home, I seem to have even less time for activities since there is no real me time carved out. A few minutes here and there doesn't quite work for me. Hopefully the nausea goes away soon and I can become super productive like so many of these ladies. I could only wish to have 1/10th of the energy level as Gwen!!!!